Welcome Aboard!

Hello People!

My blog is named after me…by me….so, i wager you know my name already.
I’m actually very fascinated by name……..there’s just this ring to it that i love, dunno why. Lol!
Ok, so down to business….a quick intro.(bullet-point style)

I am proudly Nigerian(Yoruba).
There are soooo many parts to me.
I am a Make-up Artist. http://www.bellezzadesigns.com.ng/
I love cooking.
I love learning new things and acquiring new skills.
I am also and Estate Surveyor and Valuer by training.
I loooovvvveee writing…..i might share a few pieces.
I have however been very inconsistent *you will hear all about that later*.

There are other layers that shall be revealed along the way.

I hope my blog makes an interesting read.